As well as developing my own art work I like to assist others in developing theirs, through tutoring and demonstrations.

I can offer both 'one-on-one' and group tutoring for beginners in oils, acrylics and pastels. I also demonstrate still life painting in acrylics.

The tutoring sessions are aimed at allowing individuals the freedom to develop a personal approach to their image-making whilst giving them a sound technical base.

The demonstrations are usually held as adjuncts to tutoring - either to inspire everyone at the start of a series or as a way of confirming what has been passed across. Art is a very personal thing - I am always very happy to answer questions, discuss contentious points and accept that sometimes the other person has a better idea!

My radius of action for one-day sessions is about 30 miles round Oxford but I would be happy to discuss travelling further afield. If you are interested in having lessons, tutorials or demonstrations please contact me by e-mail or 'phone to discuss.